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While you can use any USB device to store your myMedirecs Health records for portability, we have created a range that you will find to be practical and cost effective. The myMedirecs Logo draws the attention of attending medical responders.

myMedirecs Single

Complete and comprehensive myMeditrecs Suite for the individual.

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myMedirecs Family

Complete and comprehensive myMeditrecs Suite for the whole Family.

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USB Bracelet UB-01

Quality Silver Metal casing.
Optional are various bracelet styles including chains.

Quantity :

USB Bracelet UB-02

Quality Silver Metal casing and Diamonties.
Adjustable strap

Quantity :

USB Bracelet UB-03

Quality Silver Metal link strap adjustable.
Swing our USB.

Quantity :

USB Card UB-04

Quality Silver Metal casing. Easily slip into your wallet.
Pull out connector.

Quantity :

USB Card UB-05

Quality White Plastic casing. Easily slip into your wallet.
Fold out

Quantity :

USB Necklace UB-06

Quality Silver Metal casing with Diamonties.
Weights about 50 grams / 1.76 ounces
Halves to reveal connector.

Quantity :

USB Dog Tag UB-07

A two part light weight Dog Tag style.

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